Being Human

I’m scared to read newspapers early in the morning, afraid to scroll through facebook during the day and terrified to watch news channels in the evening. Everyday atleast there is one news running which shows how miserably we are failing at being human. We have no sympathy towards anybody other than ourselves. Two days back there was news about how a tribal man had to carry the corpse of his wife for 12 kms since he did not get ambulance service from the hospital. Yesterday there was another news that a woman’s dead body was dragged carelessly by policeman, fitted into a sack by breaking its bones and then carried on bamboo poles because ambulance was not available. Again today while I was scrolling through facebook a post was shared that when a woman onboard a bus died while birthing a new-born, her body along with her husband, mother in law was thrown out of the bus. I am cringing really hard right now while writing this, I am just holding back the tears, my heart is palpitating. What on earth have we become? One thing is government is not providing services, like in first case the administration is arguing that the man did not ask for help but wasn’t there anybody in hospital who noticed that this how he is carrying the body? Nobody from hospital staff who could have stopped him and brought it to administration’s notice? Secondly, no visitors for other patients who saw him? They didn’t see him and raise alarm? Nobody saw him on road walking with a corpse tied in a cloth on shoulder and crying daughter walking beside? How can we be so insensitive? How inhumane? We call ourselves the part of oldest civilisation but doesn’t look like we are civilised enough to be sensitive to others. It pains real bad to see this happening but after sometime media forgets and then we forget and life goes on. But we should stop this once to reflect on ourselves, think about the cold-hearted-ness of the world and pledge to ‘BE’ human in true sense. It sure is government’s responsibility to look into these cases and rebuke the people responsible but is that enough? No. We as a society have to grow ourselves.


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  1. Ash says:

    I think we should find another word for humane because humans are the most inhumane creatures on this planet


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