A surprise to me from myself!

Who doesn’t love getting surprise gifts? Everybody does!

I am one of those people who loves to give surprises. The excitement of seeing the other person surprised when they least expect, it just makes me happy inside. But the thing is I hardly get any surprises. Dropping subtle hints doesn’t help – Trust me ladies – men don’t get it.

Fortunately, I have somebody to the rescue. So, I recently came across some unboxing videos on YouTube for subscription boxes and was amazed by this idea of monthly subscription for lifestyle, beauty, jewellery products. Seems like this concept has been around for a year now in India.

There are a good number of sites available from where you may subscribe for a plan that suits you. Some offer just make-up products, some lifestyle products, some jewellery and some the combination of all. In fact, there is one mystery box also where every month the products will be based on some theme and there are some who curate the boxes based on your specific needs like your hair type, skin type and special requirement.

How it is different from ordering from other regular e-commerce sites is that you do not know what products are there in your box until they are shipped and that too you wouldn’t know if you don’t follow the provider’s social media posts.

So it is like getting a surprise – and that too every month.  Amazing, isn’t it? I loved it. To try it for the first time I ordered one-time box from MSMbox this month. Posting the details of contents below along with the MRPs. If I go by the MRPs I saved approximately Rs.700 though I feel the prices are marked on a higher side but still if I had to get these items separately or from any regular site or offline store I would have spent much more than Rs.495 which is what it cost me. (shipping of Rs.99 not included).

So, all in all this box gets a thumps up!



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