3 day itinerary for Kuala Lumpur

Reach KL by flight. (4 hrs from Bangalore, 5.5 hrs from Delhi). Suggest to take a flight which lands you in KL early morning so that you get time to relax. Check in to the hotel, rest for a while, have a hearty breakfast and set out to explore.

Transportation modes to explore the city:

  1. Getting a cab could be an expensive affair so let’s rule that out.
  2. Hop on Hop off service is very good there, you get a 24 hr pass for 45RM which comes roughly around Rs.750 approximately per person. There are around 25 stops covering all the main tourist attractions. Obviously you cannot cover all the tourist but I would suggest you choose the main ones that you would prefer over others, where you would want to spend some time and get down only at those stops. The places which do not interest you much should be skipped.
  3. Another good option is taking the metro; it is very convenient. Collect the route map and you can explore the whole city yourself. For the tourist spots use the hop-on hop-off map.

We took the hop-on hop-off first day but towards the evening of same day started using metro.

Day 1:

KL tower – it is a 421m tall telecommunication tower situated on a small hill in KL. You can climb up to the top to observation deck and see the breath-taking view of the city. It also houses a revolving restaurant.

Bukit Bintang – This is the happening city centre housing high end brand outlets like Prada, GUCCI, BOSS etc and upscale restaurants and café. Unless you are a high spender it is good to saunter in this area and do a heartful of window shopping J.

China Town – A bare 1.5 kms away from Bintang walk China Town’s narrow and crowded streets are in complete contrast with the bustling yet sophisticated Bintang. There are street side food joints, the vendors frying the noodles and hawking for customers. Good place to have lunch if you are a non-vegetarian and on a budget. You will can also buy small souvenirs and cheap imitation goods. Haggling is the way to go!

Central Market – This is a shopping center just next to China town. You can buy souvenirs, Malaysian designs and prints, beautiful silk nightgowns, home décor lamp pieces, paintings etc.

Little India – As soon as you get down first thing you will smell is sambar. It is a proper south indian small market place – same bright-colored kurtis like you see with street side vendors, eateries serving south indian food, biryanis, some fresh fruit vendors. Decent place for vegetarians like me to eat at.

Next stop from Little India is KL Sentral metro station. At the basement of the same get your tickets for Genting Highlands tour for next day. Trust me, it will save you lot of time the next day.

If it is not evening already you may visit some of the gardens which are in the KL green belt – Botanical gardens, Bird park, butterfly park, orchid garden. If evening already, head to Suria KLCC in the city center which hosts the famous Petronas Twin towers.

Petronas Twin towers – This was once the tallest towers in the world with a height of 452 m and 88 floors. It houses the shopping center in first few floors and office workspaces on all the other floors. Tourists can go to the 41st floor from where a skybridge connects the two towers. A ticket of 85RM (Rs.1300/person) to walk the sky bridge and see the amazingly lit up KL city in the evening.

There is a light show in the evening once the sun goes down. Sit back, relax and enjoy the water fountain light show from the feet of Petronas. It was the highlight of the day for me. For luxurious shopping head inside the KLCC and lighten your wallets!img_20160925_212716


Day 2:

National Museum – Spend the 1-2 hours of morning at the National museum. img_20160925_212646This is just next to the KL Sentral station from where you will get the Genting highland bus so instead of covering this on Day 1 or skip it I would suggest to cover it this way.
It takes you from ancient KL culture to culture of recent times – the people lives, how they clothed, the utensils they used, what they ate, the weapons they used, the Kingdom that prevailed and to the recent times like how it is now. It is good for the 1-2 hours you need to pass time before boarding the bus for Genting.


Genting Highland – There are two options to reach Genting – either by road until the top or take the bus till cable car station and the skyway/ropeway from there. Make sure to get your return ticket done else you might end up without transportation on the way back. The road till here is picturesque. You get out of the bustling city and start climbing the hills. Road is curvy but it is a smooth drive. A person like me who loves hills more than the city, prefers greenery over concrete structures will be left spellbound. The almost 1.5 hr journey till cable car station is amazing. We opted for ropeway. I am glad we did.

Skyway – Ropeway is almost 3.5 km long. The cabin can seat 4 people very well. You fly over dense tropical forest, feels like you are in between the clouds, it starts getting colder as you gain altitude. View was breath-taking. I was getting scared also in between when we would pass the poles and it would make a thundering noise and give a jerk to the cabin but it was hell of an experience. It was the highlight.img_20160925_212624

Once up there the entrance is directly the basement of a mall.  Outside it was all hazy and pretty cool (literally). There are resorts, a theme park, shopping plaza, restaurants and a casino.

Theme park – When we visited the theme park was under renovation so there wasn’t much to do otherwise people generally spend a night up there.

Casino – This was my first visit to a casino and I was pretty confused how to start with it and I didn’t play anything, I regret it now though, should have placed my bets! There were poker tables crowded with men in suits, professional players, smoke billowing in the air, people sitting with pen and paper, doing calculations and placing bets. It felt like I was in a movie, seriously, red carpeted halls, poker tables lined up, roulette rolling, single machines with loud music but the smoke was suffocating. We walked around and after taking the feel of it headed out.

Spice Garden restaurant –  Have lunch at one of the restaurants. Spice garden was one of the Indian restaurants, pretty decent.

Shop at the plaza. You will find some glassware items, home décor pieces, regular stuff, souvenirs etc.

To comeback you again take the ropeway, the ride back is as amazing as it was climbing up. All you see is the green forest and misty haze. Once down at the cable car station, the bus will pick you up and take down the same picturesque path. It will drop you at the KL Sentral station.

KL Sentral – This is the heart of city metro and even connects to good shopping stores and cafés. Make some purchases if not yet tired and then take the metro to the stop nearest to your hotel.

Day 3:

Batu caves– Get to the KL Sentral station and take metro to Batu cauves. This is a hindu shrine and dedicated to lord Murugan. There is also a temple at the entrance and a tall Hanuman statue.img_20160925_212247

This is a site of limestone caves which open up to the blue sky above. There are approx. 300 steep steps to climb and you will be greeted by monkeys all around. The monkeys there are wicked. When I visited they somehow got hold of a lady’s wallet which had her cash, cards, passport and everything but she didn’t let go either so ultimately the monkey left seeing the people approaching. So, take care of your belongings. The place would have been amazing if it was maintained properly but it was really dirty and stinky. The place is quite far from city center also and takes up almost 4-5 hours of your day.

I regretted visiting that place so I would suggest if you were not able to cover any particular places on Day 1, better do that instead of visiting Batu caves.


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