The Hungry Millenial

Recently I came across an article on Facebook regarding how we millennials are always working but are still dissatisfied with our jobs and wanting to do more. It instantly struck a chord.

Whenever we friends talk, just after the pleasantries are done what starts is the tale of how we all are not content with our jobs. We all have steady careers which the baby boomers feel is enough for one to lead a decent enough life, if not luxurious which should be more than just satisfactory. But we millennials don’t believe so.

If I talk about my friends and social circle, we all have good jobs, can afford an abroad trip if not every year then at least once in 2 years without burning a hole in our pocket, we eat out more than once a week, watch every new movie in PVRs, go on weekend getaways every few months, some of us even own our own homes even though on EMIs – all in all we have pretty much everything which looks like should be enough to keep one happy. In the end though, we all are still starving for more.

It is good in a way since it motivates us to work harder but at the cost of our own sanity, is it worth? Probably not but it is easier said than done.which-way-1420248

I remember, recently we went out of the city for a weekend and within two weeks there was another extended weekend. My husband suggested that we go for another getaway and I responded – ‘No, I don’t think I deserve it yet’. I was a little confused after hearing myself say those words. Since when do we have to deserve a holiday? I work at least 10 hours every weekday in office, I carry work home, I don’t mind doing some work on weekends, I ask for more work proactively, during holidays half the time I work from home but still taking an afternoon nap on weekend seems like a waste of time.

The little time that we get on weekends, we want to utilize that also for something productive. We often think that we are not doing enough in our life – maybe we should do some freelancing, maybe launch a start-up, start a you tube channel, start a blog, do something for the society, do a part time degree or anything else. We never want to switch off. So, basically taking a complete ‘off’ makes us anxious. Sometimes I go back and think that I do have a regular job, no need of getting anxious but not sure what causes it – maybe the fear of missing out or fear of getting lost in the multitude.

Howsoever hardworking it makes us, the anxiety it brings, the stress and irritation it leads to, it is mentally overwhelming and can most of the times cause serious health trouble. So, our generation really needs to switch off once in a while, think about what all we have been able to achieve in our age, laud ourselves for it, try to be happy, satisfied and live in the moment without worrying so much.


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  1. I think the underlying truth there is that to be worthy you’ve got to work hard. To be loved and valued, and adored, and just feel good, you’ve got to prove it to the world and to yourself. But it’s a lie. You already are worthy of love. You already are meant to be desired. The only person that gets hurt in believing those lies (…this is blunt, I don’t know you. But I hurt for you. I been there, this is the way out) is you. You gotta legit say fuck you to the whole world for feeding you lies and then be immensely selective of the things you let back in. I worked a corporate job for one year – It felt like some kind of trap…. I’m still convinced it is a trap. I wish more people saw that…


  2. ha ha..thanks! bt that is the thing…it seems like a sin 😉


  3. Sounds like you DEFINITELY deserve a break. And a loooooooong one…..take a year off, you’ve earned it! 🙂


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